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Happy Rose Day | How to celebrated on 7th February | Rose Day Wiki : Valentines week is going to start with a bang with it’s first couple day which is the Rose Day celebrated on 7th of February and will end with Happy Valentines DayRose Day is celebrated by many ways. One of which is by gifting beautiful roses to our loved one and someone special in our life who can be a crush, girlfriend or wife. We also gift different colored roses to different people who stand in our life on different stages and steps. Like we gift white colored rose to our friends and family members as a mark of love and affection towards them on Happy Rose Day. We have suggested various ways by which we celebrate this auspicious day of love.

Different roses for different relations this Rose Day


Red Rose ( Describes Love )


Red Rose on happy rose day

Red Rose on happy rose day


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Red Rose as everyone knows is the symbol of pure love. The bright red color describes the bright and immense love for your partner or lover. This Rose is given to crushes, Girlfriends or wife to describe your love for them the classy way. So just buy a Red Rose this Happy Rose Day with a long stem and bend on your knees to be the simple and classy in depicting your love for them this Rose Day .


Pink Rose ( Describes care & Grace )


Happy Rose Day with pink rose

Happy Rose Day with pink rose


Pink Rose or more of a light red Rose is a symbol of depicting or showing your care, admiration and sweetness towards someone you give this rose to. It describes your sweet relationship with them which involves a lot of joy, affection, special friendship and so much care. Pink roses also have some variations like light pink roses and dark pink roses . Light pink roses are generally used for gentle admiration or compliments on this Happy Rose Day . While Dark Pink Roses are given to appreciate someone or to show your care towards them.


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White Rose ( Describes Innocence & beauty )


white Rose on Rose Day

white Rose on Rose Day


White Roses have diverse meanings and are considered the purest one and to describe the pure relationships. People give White roses to the one with whom they feel some sweet kind of relation and these classy roses describe innocence, charm and beauty. These White Roses in spite of being given just on Rose Day, they are also used in weddings to describe or to welcome new beginnings of new Relations. So if you are confused what rose you should give to her or him then go for the White rose on this Happy Rose Day and she’ll be left with the aroma of your charm and innocence.


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Yellow Rose ( Describes Joy & Blessings )


purple rose for rose day

yellow rose for rose day


Where all the Roses generate some love and high feelings in you, the Yellow Rose also sort of is used for those happy feelings but it is more than that. It is the symbol of Joy and cheerfulness and is given to the people who are always full of joy and are cheerful. It is used to give blessings to the receiver as to give them a blessing to always be happy and delighted. It is of yellow color so it gives kind of warm feelings to both of the hearts and depicts care for each other.

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Purple Rose ( Describes love at first sight )


Yellow Rose on Rose Day

purple Rose on Rose Day


This purple colored rose describes the feeling of love at first sight and is perfect if you have fallen in love with somebody at first sight and want to propose but scared you are then just gift him or her this purple rose and a letter and your work is done. Just have some guts to gift them to her on this Rose Day and that’s it.


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3 ways to celebrate Rose Day to make it Memorable this Happy Rose Day

1. A date in a room full of red roses


Rose day date ideas

Rose day date ideas


The most romantic way to celebrate the Rose Day is to decorate a white colored room with Red Roses on the walls and so many bunch of Roses kept on the floor and flower stands with some petals scattered on a white colored bed sheets and you can also put some string lights in there to make the mood more romantic and memorable. Then you both are free to make love like never Before this Rose Day . 

2. Let her become a detective


celebration ideas for Happy Rose day

celebration ideas for Happy Rose day


Now this is the most interesting one as it involves mystery and lots of excitement plus love and joy. What you have to do is send her a mystery letter which says her to find something like a ring. What you have to do is hide a ring for her and you have to give her clues throughout the day on to make her come one step closer to the ring and let her find her. she’ll take whole day to find that ring and let the ring be in your shirt pocket the whole day and that is the place you have to give her clues for. your ring is hidden above your heart. When she comes closer to you after the whole day, she’ll find that ring in you pocket and make sure you are in a room that time as she couldn’t resist to make love after that. Best of Luck for this Happy Rose day and make it special as fuck.

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3. The rose bath


couple in bathtub

couple in bathtub


This is the most simple but the best and seducing. you have to arrange a sweet white bath tub and fill warm water in it along with lather and rose petals decorating the bathroom with red roses. You just have to take her and have to bath with her and enjoy that quality time with your love bird.

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