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Romantic Rose day messages | SMS {msg} | Text {Happy Valentines Day}

Romantic Rose day messages | SMS {msg} | Text {Happy Valentines Day} : A warm welcome to you friends, Today is the First Day of Love as it is 7th February and it’s Rose Day today. If you are reading this at the morning time then it’s a bingo and if not then it’s not too late as we have brought with us the most heartwarming Rose Day sms pack where you’ll get variety of amazing Rose day Messages for everyone including your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or Wife to make this day more memorable that it would have been for both of you. grab these awesome Rose Day msg collection along with sweet Rose Day text for your love bird. So let’s hangout in the pool of immense love and fill our sack with the greatest wishes and messages for Happy Rose Day 2017. So set up your seat belts as you are gonna fly in the sky of affection and care of Happy Valentine Day .


Lovely Rose Day Messages & Text for Girlfriend | Boyfriend



sparkling Happy Rose Day Images with messages

sparkling Happy Rose Day messages with images



On this Rose Day, I was thinking to gift you something which is more precious than you are so I have brought you a red Rose for a Red Rose as this Rose describes your beauty perfectly. Happy Rose Day baby, I love you !



What I always wanted from you is an eternal smile which never fades away and wish every night to give me the power to keep up this smile as it is right now you are reading this message..Just keep loving me, it is my fuel…I love you and wish you a very happy Rose Day !



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I don’t know what happens when i am in your company as it is total different from rest of the time. When you are beside me, It’s just like wonders happening, When you talk to me it feels like your lips never stop moving and when you kiss me it feels like your tongue never stops licking mine



I am coming with a bunch of few roses, but million smiles, many petals but from a single hear, some painful outgrowths but for a eternal future with you my love. Happy Rose Day my love.



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Why we always gift Red Roses on Valentines Day ? this is because they depict the purity of immense and true love never fades away like the bright red color of love the Rose Have. Those Roses show us our love as a reflection in them and a big bloomed one describes the big bloomed smile you bear. So The Rose is not just a flower, it is the exact you in the form of a flower…Happy Rose Day love of my life.


Happy Rose Day sms | Msg for Boyfreind Girlfriend



beautiful Rose Day Sms messages with image HD

beautiful Rose Day Sms messages with image HD




No relation is perfect no matter how love is filled in the gaps but no perfect thing is perfect without some flaws just like a Rose, some bright red, some little less…Some greatly bloomed but some remain cutely small..So the Same Wishes to my imperfect Rose and our perfect relationship…Happy Rose Day



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I wish the the God fills the path of our destiny with a million Red Roses but remember where there are Roses, there are pains as we walk the way full of Roses, our feet will also turn red with blood but i know we can walk the whole way out with each other my love…Have a termendously Happy Rose Day ahead !!

Every Rose is unique just like every love story, so here’s it… the unique Red Rose for our beautiful and happiest Love Story, May you have a very Happy Rose Day baby…

A Red Rose is itself a language of love spoken silently and understood by heart not the ears and brain. So a beautiful Red Rose for you my love, hope your heart gets the words i am leaving for you and we always cherish this love till we are 90’s

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Today I am so much proud and beloved that you have accepted my love with all my flaws and disparities without wondering to change them, everyone needs a partner like you my soul mate. Wish you a bucket full of love on this Rose Day.

Just Like the a blind is nothing without his stick, I am blind without your eyes as they are the only one who made me see through your pure heart and always tell me that I was right to choose you as my mate for life whenever I stare at them.

Even if the love life of ours is full of thorns at every step of life, but i’ll still embrace and keep walking with your arms in mine as I know that in between those Thorns, there’s a big bloomed rich Red Rose to shower eternal Happiness on us and goes infinity…Wish you a lovely Rose Day my love.


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Thank you for reading this post about Happy Rose Day Messages for girlfriend and boyfriend and also share this amazing piece of love writing to other lovers around the globe on Facebook with the buttons floating below.So they were the extremely powerful love Messages and Text sms for this Happy Rose Day on 7th February for you. Now we know that you would be filled up with red petals of love to shower on your soul mate as soon as you get the right Happy Rose Day sms for her as these all Heart Touching Rose Day Messages are so romantic that it is difficult to choose one but just read all and grab the one which suits your story and describes your love and struggle to make some love tears flow out from his eyes. So to give any feed back for these cute Rose Day Texts then do leave a comment below and let us know you loved them or not. So till then keep enjoying Valentines Week with your girlfriend or Boyfriend.

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